ERU Slices Cheddar Sambal

Our cheddar slices are enriched with spicy sambal and have a creamy, soft structure. The slices melt easily and quickly and enhance dishes like a delicious Thai scampi burger or nacho dish.

Piquant cheddar slices give a surprising twist to your dish

ERU Slices Cheddar Sambal are hygienically packaged, individual cheddar slices. The cheese has a full, piquant flavour which will instantly give your burgers, toasties and casseroles a spicy twist.

Surprise your guests with the tastiest recipes with piquant cheddar. Convenience plays an important role in the rapid service you offer your guests. And try our handy bulk packaging of ERU Slices Cheddar Naturel containing 40 slices.

Nutritional value per 100 gr

Energy (kJ) 1184 Energy (Kcal) 285 Fats (g) Of which saturated 23 15 Carbohydrates (g) Of which sugars 2,6 2,6 Proteins (g) 17 Salt (g) 3,7

Available in 750 gram packaging

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