ERU Goudkuipje Naturel

We make this full, creamy spreadable cheese from the best Gouda cheeses. With its soft creamy structure, your guests can easily spread this classic cheese on their fresh bread or cracker.

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ERU Goudkuipje has been on Dutch family breakfast and lunch tables for over 60 years. With ERU Goudkuipje Naturel 15 grams, not only do you offer your guests a delicious spreadable cheese, but you also make them feel at home.

With our handy individual 15-gram portions, you offer your guests variety on the breakfast buffet or sandwich trolley. Enrich your selection with the strong flavour of ERU Prestige portion pack or the low fat ERU Balans portion pack.

Nutritional value per 100 gr

Energy (kJ) 1007 Energy (Kcal) 243 Fats (g) Of which saturated 20 14 Carbohydrates (g) Of which sugars 1,7 1,7 Proteins (g) 14 Salt (g) 2,1

Available in 24 x 15g and 24 x 25g packaging

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